Tuesday, April 22, 2008

14 difference of 2006 e90 and 2008

i noticed a couple of slight differences. Some of these have been discussed on this forum, but some i believe to be new.
1- When pressing unlock on the remote, head/rear lights turn on in 08. My May 06 doesn't do this.
2- There is a pleasant "gong" alert sound instead of the noisy chime. This is for everything from seat belt chime to low gas.
3- the music now fades in/out when switching tracks and starting/stopping the car. My 06 just cuts off the music when I turn the car off.
4- Flash light now a pen light instead of the rechargeable one
5- If music is on but engine is OFF. Starting the engine does not cut off the music. In my 06, the music cuts as the engine is starting.
6- The loaner I have does not have BMW assist, but u can still click on on BMW Assist in the Audio System console and it brings up a bunch of numbers u can call. (non - idrive)
7- The loaner does not seem to have premium package, but the right mirror tilts down when I put it into R. The mirrors DO NOT fold up (Thats how I know ther is no premium)
8- I have to turn the volume knob alot to change the volume. On my 06, a slight turn would change the volume significantly. The feel of the knob is also stiffer.
9- The speedometer looks different. I think the "ticks" on the speed scale are thicker or something.
10- the Bass/Treble options now go between 10 and -10. On my 06 the range is 6 to -6.
11- You can now control the volume of the car "chimes" and "alerts". Also in the Audio adjustment console.
12- Tire Pressure monitor know says "ACTIVE" when reset. In my 06 it just exits the menu
13- liscence plate lights are brighter
14- they changed the 5 to an 8 on the badge. Ok im kidding on this one

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Ricky said...

Nice and cool cars! Thanks for letting us know so much about them…..